Endless Life Film


Endless Life is a feature film that was made in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2013 for self financed budget of £2000. Shot entirely on location in HD, Endless Life is a character study and reflection on the nature of friendship, freedom, happiness and the uncontrollable nature of life itself.


Eva, a young woman in Belfast, has no family, no job and no prospects. Her time is spent in bars and clubs, with friends, lovers and strangers. Two years after the death of her Mother and one year after a miscarriage, Eva’s ex, Will, returns to Belfast from abroad. Eva is forced to look for a place to live when her disapproving flatmate Claire prepares to settle down with her boyfriend David. Will’s offer of a place to live is timely but Eva’s closest friend Liza fears another destructive romance between the estranged couple.

Directors Statement

Making movies is expensive and it takes a long time but then it’s all a question of how you do it. With a digital camera you can make a feature without much money at all and I wanted to make a feature. Shooting without a budget and on digital cameras has it drawbacks, you tend to work with what you’re given and so sets, images, locations, costumes and other possibilities can’t always be embraced as you’d like. However these restrictions offer up boundaries to work within and to use, sometimes a wonderful image will occur almost by accident, such as Eva’s halo of lights in the closing sequence.

I never worry too much about plot, plots come from characters, stories from people. Once I had a premise and then a character ideas, the story works itself out. There’s always a sort of superego of an idea that informs what I’m making a film about, the characters give voice to it but with Endless Life I tried not to let that idea compromise the authenticity of the acting. To me, making a film is not simply a matter of making a point but rather of understanding something, it’s as much an exploration as a point of view.

To me Endless Life is about Eva, a women who is fundamentally content in who she is and has a free and all embracing acceptance of life and the people who come into hers. She simply is while everyone around her resists, or worries or seeks to control or judge her. She understands the futility of resistance, of planning out your life in such an uncontrollable world, she accepts life, everyone else is trying to master it and control it. I love writing characters, watching them take form through improvisations and working on them with actors.

The cast and crew were almost entirely non professional and we only had a couple of months to shoot everything as I was due to leave the country at the end of the summer to edit a film in America. I’ve been amazed at what the cast and crew managed to do, I don’t want to single people out but there where some incredible efforts made to keep the film going, technicians learning on the job and those with no acting experience astounding everyone. Endless Life’s characters and story are deliberatly open to audience interpretation and I believe the film rewards a closer look, it’s all there if you want to see it or like Eva you might already know and can pass on by


Producer, Writer, Director Michael MacBroom
Camera Will McConnell
Sound Matthew Rodger
Grip Graham Rainey


Eva Karen Kinghan
Liza Laura Thompson
Claire Sarah Williamson
Rory Conor Shaw
Will Michael MacBroom
Ciaran Neil Mullan
Suzanne Laura Rafferty
Eamon John Smith
Jonathan Kieran Rafferty

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